When does the game come out?

🌟 Alpha Access will be available in 2023 on PC ONLY. ✨ Early Access will be available 2024 for PC/Mac 💖 Final release will be available 2025 on PC/Mac, mobile and eventually Switch!

What platforms will the game be available on?

Pre-orders through this site are for PC/Mac only! Eventually, PuffPals: Island Skies will be available on PC/Mac, mobile, and Switch! 🌼 The Switch, mobile, and Mac versions of the game will likely not be available as soon as the PC version!

Will the game be Multiplayer?

Yes! Multiplayer will be added in Final Release ✨

Will there be cross-platform/cross-save?

This isn’t part of our current plan, but we’ll consider it for the future! 💖

Why pre-orders?

There have been many requests from those who are only now stumbling onto our game, so we opened another round of pre-orders for our game and access to its alpha for those who missed out! Any extra money we get from pre-orders will also help us make the game bigger and better! 💕

Can I still get any of the Kickstarter exclusives?

We want to keep the Kickstarter exclusives exclusive! Unfortunately that means it is no longer possible to get any of our kickstarter exclusive rewards! 💕

Why should I pay for something so far from release?

We want to bring you along for the ride, and give you a say in what goes into the game as we're making it! Our plushies have come out better when we bring our audience in on the design process, and we want to bring you into our process for the game as well! 🌼

When will I be charged?

Cards will be charged at time of purchase! 👍✨

Will this game ever be free to play?

Our goal is to one day make Island Skies free to play to make it as accessible as possible to everyone! However, it likely won't be any time soon! 🌟👍

Will the game have microtransactions?

We don’t want players to have to pay any extra money to have a complete experience in our game! We are planning to have microtransactions to help fund more expansive/exciting updates in the future, but they won’t interfere with play! 🌷

What is Alpha Access?

We'll be releasing an early (alpha) version of the game once we feel we have an experience that's ready to be played by people outside our team! It'll be rough around the edges, and there will be a lot that can still change, but that's the fun of Alpha! You'll get a chance to help us shape the game into what it's meant to be! We're hoping to have a version ready for those of you who’ve pre-ordered alpha access some time next year! 🌟

What is Early Access?

After our Alpha testing period is done, we'll open up the game to a broader audience with early access! ✨ The game will still have some bugs, and there will be a lot of content to add, but overall it will be pretty representative of what the official release will be! Our early access players will be essential in finding any remaining bugs, and figuring out what additional features and cosmetics we can add to the game! 💖

Can we stream during Alpha Access?

Unfortunately no! The game at this time may be pretty unfinished, and we don’t want anyone getting the wrong impression, but you can stream and make content during Early Access/Final Release! Thank you so much for your understanding 💖✨

Is there an official discord? How and when can we join?

We will be launching an official game Discord very shortly! Our game Discord will be available to those that have pre-ordered the access to the Island Skies alpha. 🥰✨

Will we be able to romance characters in this game?

Island Skies will not feature romance options and focus more on platonic friendships! ☁️🌼

Is character customization gender locked?

Nope! 💖😌 The character won’t have a set gender, and you’ll be free to customize any way you like!

Can I play as a PuffPal?

While you cannot play as a Puffpal, we will offer a wide selection of animal accessories for you to dress up as your favorite animal and/or PuffPal!

Can we buy the soundtrack?

It’s a possibility! We will know more as we get closer to the final release of the game! 👍