🌿✨We Streamed FOREST MUSIC✨🌿+💕☕️TeaHouse Design Stream ☕️💕[Dev Blog #6]

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Hey y’all!


We’ve had a busy week over at Fluffnest! Did you guys catch any of our streams? Our team has been clamoring to get connected with you guys so it was really exciting to get to do that! Thanks to everyone who joined in and participated!


If you missed out, don’t worry, there’s more where those came from! We want to be even more connected with you all while we continue to work diligently on Alpha, which we hope to have out THIS SUMMER! We were super hyped to plan these streams to talk to y’all more about the process of specific areas in our development, as well as to answer any game related questions 🌟

REMINDER: These streams were exclusive for those who pre-ordered the Alpha Access game copies of PuffPals: Island Skies! If you want in on these fun perks and MUCH MORE, consider pre-ordering yourself and Alpha Access game copy! 


💖✨🌟Pre-order Alpha Access Here! 🌟✨💖


We started with a banger last Wednesday with our first ever 🎶 MUSIC STREAM 🎶 Director Jenn and PM Vanessa chatted with our wonderful composer Jared, who was responsible for the beautiful music in our trailer! In the stream, Jared walked us through his music process and worked on a piece our Discord Community voted on for our Forest Biome.


Jared took some ideas and themes the Fluffnest team had collected and strung together the most beautiful sounding start to our Forest theme! Jared also answered questions from the audience about his music journey, any life/career changing advice he got over the years, and much more! 


We plan to have more streams with Jared in the near future, so anticipate getting deeper into the music processes, as well as hopefully working with YOU on some of the songs that might be in the game! If you’re interested in the music Jared did for us during Kickstarter, head over to our Soundcloud and give it a listen!


LINK HERE: PuffPals: Island Skies Soundcloud 


Maybe in the next stream we can come up with some awesome Island Skies lo-fi beats 👀



The stream train didn’t stop there! On Friday we had our We’ll Do Anything (Within Appropriate Limitations)™ stream joined by Dev Extraordinaire David and PM Vanessa! We based our stream on a poll in our Discord, where folks voted on seeing a game environment being designed! 


Our Discord community wanted to see us design a TEAHOUSE that would be set in the Puffpal: Island Skies world! CG modeling, rough design and paintover were done by David as he dishes the piping hot TEA on game development and answering livestream questions! Big thank you to everyone who came to hang with us in our streams! You guys were wonderful and we loved chatting with you!  



We appreciate everyone’s support and anticipation for the Alpha Access release, getting to chat with everyone and involving our community in the process has been an amazing experience for all of the Fluffnest team members! 💖 


We’ll continue to post updates through Dev Blogs and Kickstarter updates! If you wanna always be in the know on all things PuffPals: Island Skies and you’re not part of our Official Game Discord, be sure to pre-order our Alpha Access on our website! Participate in future streams, chat with us, and get a peek at exclusive content! 


💖✨🌟 PRE-ORDER Link Here! 🌟✨💖


Love and Fluff,

Fluffnest Team

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