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Hey y’all! 

We’re sending out a ❣️SURVEY FORM❣️ for those whose tiers include the Discord Access reward as well as those who have pre-ordered Alpha Access game copies.

❣️Here is the link!:❣️


This survey form is where you’ll enter in the information needed to access our Official Discord, we will be sending out invites for the Discord to the usernames entered in and cross-checking the reward tier with the email to make sure everyone gets the right roles!

You will need to enter in:

  • The email you used to pledge to the Kickstarter or the email you used to pre-order
  • The Reward Tier you pledged
    • For those who pre-ordered not with a tier but through Backerkit with individual alpha access game copy/copies, select the Alpha Access (1x Discord Access) tier option!
  • The Discord username(s) of the account you will access the Official Discord with

The survey form will have more details and guidelines to follow!

💖Our PuffPals:Island Skies Official DISCORD is opening next WED, OCTOBER 26!💖

We’re SO SO excited to see you all there 🤩✨


For those of you who haven’t answered your Backerkit surveys, please do so ASAP!

YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY OF YOUR REWARDS UNLESS YOU HAVE FILLED OUT YOUR SURVEY!!! If you’re having trouble accessing your survey, please contact us via Kickstarter DMs!!

We’ll be locking orders on the last day of each month and charging cards on the first of each month to make sure that all backers orders are in the system! This is for backers that have not filled out and locked in their orders.

Your card will not be charged again if your survey status is locked and already charged!

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