WELCOME! [Dev Blog #1]

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Hello from the Fluffnest Team!


We wanted to start off our blog with a bang, but first we’re going to recap how we got here and get into where we are now, and where we’re going next!


How we got here: 


For those of you who missed the campaign, here's what you missed!

After running a plush Kickstarter back in 2020, introducing our signature Pals, Lily had an idea for a game… And in early 2022 we finally got to share that vision with you all with our PuffPals: Island Skies Kickstarter! When we launched Kickstarter, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were hopeful that people would be excited for the game. Our audience’s reaction was positively overwhelming! We received lots of love and support from the community, so much so that we were able to smash through all of our goals and broaden our vision of the game! 


After we wrapped Kickstarter, our team went in and re-examined our game, and started planning for bigger and better things! We were able to expand our scope to make the game even grander than we ever imagined, and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without you all! 


We’ve got a big job ahead of us, but we’ve been hard at work and are excited to start sharing some progress with you all!


Where we are:


After Kickstarter, the team really put the nose to the grindstone and have been working on the next steps in production! Good news is, we’re right on schedule! We are continuing to build out and refine our development roadmap. We should be able to lay out a more detailed timeline in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled! 


Overall, we’re so happy to say we’re on track, and as we ramp up production further we’re happy to share these next steps with you!


Where we’re going next: 


As we go through these next stages, we’re going to be able to show you all what we’ve been working on! That means concept art, designs, and other behind the scenes goodies! We’ll be sharing more content and work on our socials starting in the next few months! 


In addition to more content, we are aiming to post Dev Blogs every two weeks here and on Kickstarter! There won’t be as much to share at first, but we’ll aim to share more and more as time goes on! 


Dev streams will also begin later this year, starting with our exclusive streams for backers! We cannot wait to connect with you all and share some hopefully insightful and informative content to our community! We’re stoked to showcase some of the amazing work we’ve done as well as the talents we’ve added to our team!


We’re so eager to get folks into Alpha in 2023, and we’re going to continue towards that goal and keeping you all updated as we go!


For those who missed out, we are also opening up our pre-orders for everyone, as we believe everyone should have a chance to own Island Skies and experience it!

Pre-order HERE


With that, cheers to the many exciting updates in the future! A big, big thank you to all, words aren’t enough to express just how much we value and appreciate your support! Because of all of you, the sky is not our limit! 


Much love,

The Fluffnest Team

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