PuffPals: Island Skies PRE-ORDER
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You asked and we are here to deliver! If you missed our kickstarter, you can pre-order PuffPals: Island Skies here! Help make Island Skies the best game it can be!

Release Date
We’d like to have the alpha ready in 2023, with early access available the following year! Game development is time consuming, and it can be unpredictable, but we will do our best to keep everything on track!

We will reach out to the email you provide at checkout with information on how to access the game as we get closer to the alpha and early access release dates!

This site is for the PC version ONLY! Island skies will be available for Nintendo Switch and Mobile, but those versions of the game will not be available to purchase until we are closer to their release.

Choosing this option grants you access to the exclusive PuffPals: Island Skies Alpha testing period! You’ll be one of the first people to experience the game for yourself, and you’ll get to help shape it into the best game it can be! Because of potentially significant code changes between alpha versions, we cannot guarantee save files will transfer from Alpha to any other version of the game.

A copy of the final game for PC is included when you purchase alpha on this site!

Early Access
With this option you will get an early access copy of the game! In early access there may still be some bugs, and we will be adding content, but the gameplay should be very close to final release! Early access will roll into the final release, so you'll get a final release version of the game with an early access purchase!